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Gold Seal Naked Vagina Pants


Shown: Divine Nipples, Lexi 60 size, in Chocolate (left) and Light Cinnamon (right), with included Divine Collection storage boxes

Create the appearance of female anatomy and experience intimacy with our penetrable Gold Seal NAKED vagina panty.


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  • For the first time ever, The Breast Form Store is proud to offer a penetrable, bathroom-friendly panty that transforms you 'down there' in to a true lady!

  • Built in female vagina and labia create the appearance of female anatomy
  • Easy to wear with garter belts or thigh highs to hide the seams on your body
  • Soft, stretchy silicone skin molds to your body
  • High quality silicone warms to your body
  • Features a built-in condom catheter canal so you can relieve yourself like a lady*
  • Textured 7 inch vaginal canal allows your partner to experience stronger sensations
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Returns & Exchanges

For sanitary reasons, we regret that we are unable to accept any bras, panties, vagina pants or undergarments for return or exchange. This policy is standard with all vendors of bras, panties, and undergarments. Please appreciate that this policy is in place to protect all bras, panties, and undergarments purchasers.

Fitting Chart for Gold Seal NAKED Vagina Panty

Small/Medium Medium/Large
Waist 26 to 40 inches 34 to 48 inches
Hip 30 to 46 inches 36 to 52 inches
Thigh 19.7 to 30 inches 21 to 34 inches
Length 9.8 inches 11 inches
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*IMPORTANT: About urinating while wearing a Gold Seal NAKED Vagina Panty

Based on feedback and our own experiences with our Gold Seal NAKED Vagina Panty, we do find that urination can be a little bit difficult with this undergarment.

Having the garment pulled up as high as possible, so that the crotch of the panty is as close to your own can make urination much easier and prevent the bladder canal from moving out of place. Also, before urinating, make sure that the tubing is properly positioned to the vaginal opening to minimize any mess that could happen.

About having intercourse while wearing a Gold Seal NAKED Vagina Panty

Our Gold Seal NAKED Vagina Panty features a silicone-formed vaginal canal that has texture built in to increase sensations for your partner while being intimate. Athough this lifelike canal is designed for intimacy, extreme roughness or incorrect care may cause damage to the silicone. We recommend to our clients to have more 'romantic' intimate experiences to ensure the lifespan of the vaginal canal.

As the vaginal canal is made from a high quality silicone, only use water-based lubricants. Oil and silicone based lubricants will damage the canal and the panty.

The two canals (bladder and vaginal) are designed to be positioned in different ways for comfort. We find that it may be the most comfortable to wear the vaginal canal going back towards (and between) the rear cheeks and the bladder canal going towards the belly button. Feel free to experiment to find the best fit for the most enjoyment.

SHOWN: Looking inside the panty, the vaginal canal goes towards the rear, whereas the bladder canal sits at the front and goes towards the belly button.

The bladder canal, which works like a condom catheter, enters in to the vaginal canal so you can relieve yourself with the liquid coming out of the right location.

The vaginal canal is textured with bumps and grooves inside to replace the experience of a vagina. This helps to increase pleasure and sensation to your partner.

At the end of the vaginal canal is a small hole, which allows for easier cleaning and to help move lubricants more easily through the canal.

NOT SHOWN: The exposed labia between the legs is carefully sculpted and painted. This helps to look more like the natural change in color of the female anatomy.
The tubing at the end of the bladder canal drains between the lips of the labia.
The anus has also been expertly painted to look more like the natural change in color. This does not lead to its own canal and does not have an opening

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Shipping may take up to several weeks !

Due to popular demand, please allow several weeks for your product to be crafted by the artists before we can ship your order.


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Gold Seal Naked Vagina Pants
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All items ship from our Australian office.

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