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BodyTransformation Kit 1

Create the body-shape you've always dreamed of with our
Tansformation Kits


Now you can give yourself the curves you have always dreamed of......

The Divine Collection Transformation Kit is the ultimate in body shaping.
Each Kit contains:

1 pair of Aphrodite Self-adhesive-attachable Breastforms
1 set of Jolie Self-adhesive-attachable Silicone Hip Pads
1 Selene Panty Vagina Gaff

Model is wearing Jolie thigh enhancement pads in vanilla skintone,
Athena breastplate with Lola 50 Cinnamon nipples & vanilla skintone,


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Create the curves you've always dreamed of with our Transformation Kit

Get curvy hips and shapely breasts, feminine thighs and feminine wiles from our Divine Collection.
These beautiful and realistic products are hand crafted by skilled artisans just for you. The supple, lifelike silicone will amaze you, giving you the ability to increase your bust & hip measurement significantly and feel like a female !


  • Exlusive to The Breastform Store
  • The ultimate for creating a female figure
  • Lifelike silicone skin creates the most realistic feel
  • Self-adhering design can be worn with no support*
  • Make-up safe design is perfect for skintone matching
  • Tapered edges blend to the body
  • Innovative design is safe to sleep in
  • Adds 2 to 3 inches to your total hip measurement in moments!
  • Can be worn for 24 hours or more!
  • Available in 3 skintones

*selene is not self adhesive - must be worn with panty-gaff

Available Skin Colors
Shown: Medium with Cinnamon nipples
Shown: Medium with Gigi 45 Chocolate nipples*
Shown: Medium with Java nipples
*Customisaiton of colours and Nipples Size and Colour available. See Below for details
Aphrodite Nipple Colors

A delicate doll pink. This lighter color is easier to hide under lighter colored clothing.
A soft pink. Perfect for those who are fair in complexion.
Our 'standard' classic color. A slight bronze-toned brown to flatter all skintones.
A richer, deeper brown than our Cinnamon color. Perfect for a more eye catching look.
A deep coffee color. Ideal for those with darker skintones.
Aphrodite Nipple Size Customization
Standard Gigi 45* Lola 50* Lexi 60* Destini 70* Roxi 80*
Areola:1¾ inches across
Nipple:3/8 inches across
¼ inches protrusion
Areola:1¾ inches across
Nipple: ½ inches across
¼ inches protrusion
Areola:1 7/8 inch across
Nipple:5/8 inches across
¼ inches protrusion
Areola:2 3/8 inch across
Nipple:5/8 inches across
3/8 inches protrusion
Areola: 2 ¾ inch across
Nipple:½ inches across
¼ inches protrusion
Areola:3 1/8 inch across
Nipple:5/8 inches across
½ inches protrusion
Sizes marked with * are available for an additional (customization) charge.
All measurements are approximate, as they are crafted by hand.
Shown in Chocolate color on Vanilla skintone.

Hand crafted by skilled artisans just for you, Divone Body Products are very soft, very realistic. More natural fit and feel like real skin. Tapered edges help create a more natural appearance. Slightly concave back fits most body types. *Adhesive results may vary

  • Self-adhesive backing creates a more natural feeling
  • Unique "no-membrane" skin means the breast forms cannot burst, making Divine Colleciton body products safe to sleep in.
  • Warms to your body for the most natural experience
  • Contoured to fit your body better
  • Storage box included
  • Includes a FREE Care Kit


Returns and Exchanges

As that Divine Colleciton body products are hand crafted, that are custom made at the time of your order. They cannot be returned or exchanged if you make a mistake, OR if there is delay in produciton processes. Due to the self-adhesive backing, when they are attached and then removed from the skin, dead skin cells and oils are also removed. We are therefore unable to accept exchanges for hygienic reasons. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

ATTENTION: These Thigh Pads require 5-6 weeks BEFORE WE CAN SHIP for manufacturing



Purchase Item
Divine Body Transformation Kit 1 [Petite]
O n  S a l e
$ 1699 .00
Skintone color
Breast form size
Hip-Pad Size
Nipple color
Vagina-Gaff Size
Purchase Item
Divine Body Transformation Kit 2 [Curvey]
O n  S a l e
$ 1799 .00
Skintone color
Breast form size
Hip-Pad Size
Nipple color
Vagina-Gaff Size
Purchase Item
Divine Body Transformation Kit 3 [Sensuous]
O n  S a l e
$ 1999 .00
Skintone color
Breast form size
Hip-Pad Size
Nipple color
Vagina-Gaff Size
Purchase Item
Aphrodite (Divine) Nipples Customization Charge
$ 100 .00
Purchase Item
Adhesives - Hollister 7730/7731 Spray Medical Adhesive and Remover
$ 169 .99
Purchase Item
Accessories - Divine Collection Breast Form Wash [8 fl. oz.] [DCWASH8]
$ 33 .99

ATTENTION: These Thigh Pads require 5-6 weeks BEFORE WE CAN SHIP for manufacturing.


How to attach Divine Colleciton Body Products
  1. If you have worn them before, clean them as best as you can. Remove ALL adhesive possible using the adhesive remover, and clean using Divine Collection Breast Form Wash. Allow to dry. The form should be naturally tacky. (You may apply the talc powder to the front of the breast for a softer feeling.)
  2. Shower. Clean the skin as well as you can, remove hair, etc. Rinse the skin clean and towel dry. Do NOT apply moisturizers, etc.
  3. Apply No Sweat to the chest wall to prevent perspiration. Wait to dry. (Do NOT use deodorants or antiperspirants to the chest wall; the oils won't allow adhesives to bond well).
  4. Spray a THIN layer of Hollisters adhesive to the centre of the pad. Wait 3 to 6 minutes to dry; it should not be wet, but tacky.
  5. Apply Skin Tac Wipe to the thigh/hip area. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute until the area becomes tacky.
  6. Apply the body shaping product using pressure to the body and allow to bond.
  7. Wait for 10 to 50 minutes , apply additional pressure to the product better.

Less is more when it comes to using adhesives with Divine products

When done with your Divine Colleciton Body Products, slowly remove them from your body by gently pulling at the edges and lifting up. Remove any adhesive with an adhesive remover and wash the breast form using Divine Collection Breast Form Wash.

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